Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve

Sunday, November 13, 2011


We started our morning with bats by reading “Bats” by Gail Gibbons to learn a little more about them.  This book has an excellent overview of bats, especially what makes them so different from other animals and so beneficial. 

Next we used the flannel board to do the following rhyme.  There are many like this out there but I thought this worked best for the flannel board as there is just one setting, the cave.  This was such a hit we did it twice through.    
Little Bats
1 little bat was trying to behave.
He hung upside down from his feet in a cave.
Another bat flew in, and said, "How do you do?"
The second joined the first, and then there were 2!

2 little bats were trying to behave.
They hung upside down from their feet in a cave.
To help pass the time, they sang "Do re me"
Another bat joined the song, and then there were 3.

3 little bats were trying to behave
They hung upside down from their feet in a cave
From their cave perch, they looked down at the floor,
A new bat joined the game, and then there were 4.

4 little bats were trying to behave.
They hung upside down from their feet in a cave.
One little bat zoomed inside and did a dive.
He stayed to take a rest, and with him there were 5.

I had a hard time finding a bat song to dance to.  I finally decided to go with “Snoozers” from Sandra Boynton’s “Philadelphia Chickens” CD.  While it is not specifically about bats, it is about snoozing all day and playing all night, which I think applies (the fact that it is sung by the Bacon Brothers doesn’t hurt any)!  I turned off the lights for the second part of the song and had the kids dance with their bat (cardstock die cut) that I provided. 
Next we did a batty version of an all-time favorite “Two Little Black Birds.”  I made two little flannel bat finger puppets while the kids had two cardstock bats. 

Two Little Black Bats

Two little black bats hanging in a cave
One named Donna, one named Dave
Fly away Donna! Fly away Dave!
Come back Dana! Come back Dave!

We ended our story time with Brian Lies’Bats at the Beach.”  This book is a bit long of toddlers, but I love it and had to read it and it worked just fine. 

Our craft was a bat made from cardstock, colored and made with a bobble head. 


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